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Silverleaf vs Goldleaf on the Rocky Mountaineer

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Thinking of a rail journey through Canada and struggling to decide between the Silverleaf  or Goldleaf carriage options on the Rocky Mountaineer? We have outlined the differences below to help you decide. Whatever your decision you can be assured of the breathtaking scenery of glacier-fed lakes, majestic mountains and ferocious rivers, an unforgettable journey and memories to last a lifetime!


Silverleaf Service

With the Silverleaf carriage option you take in the beautiful Canadian scenery through oversized windows in a single level glass-domed coach. Complimentary beverages, including wine, beer, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks are offered throughout the journey, along with gourmet snacks. Hot, delicious meals are served at your comfortable seats and plated to your preference. The seats are spacious, so it’s really easy to slip in and out as you clamber to the other side of the carriage to capture that all important photo.



Rocky Mountaineer Goldleaf

Goldleaf Service

On the Goldleaf carriage option, you travel in a two level, glass domed coach with full-length windows. Goldleaf is the most popular service, probably due to the fact that you will also dine on gourmet hot meals with complimentary beverages and snacks. The difference with Goldleaf is that for your main meals you make your way to the exclusive dining room, located in the downstairs carriage.

On Goldleaf there is also an exclusive outdoor vestibule in the lower-level of the dome coach – you can make your way outside to breathe in the fresh, cool air and take magnificent photos to show off to family and friends.


Main Differences

  • Gold – Two level carriage. Top level for seating & main viewing area, bottom level for dinning (four guests per table)
  • Silver – Single level carriage, dinning is at your seat (like on an plane)
  • Gold – Open air vestibule where you can experience the great outdoors
  • RedLeaf Service is no longer available on the Rocky Mountaineer.


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