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6 Tips To Ease The Pain Of Long Haul Flights


Grab a window seat

Book in early and request a window seat, not only do you get a nice view but it adds to the comfort on your flight. Due to the cylindrical shape of aircraft, there is always a space between the side of your seat and the outside wall. It also provides a sturdy place to lay your head while you sleep. Being away from the aisle means you avoid passing traffic and the occasional knock from fellow passengers and stewards.

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing

When it comes to a wardrobe for your flight, think loose fitting, comfortable clothing. Jeans and your favourite top might look good, (and in the old days you may have scored an upgrade) but don’t do it! Comfortable cotton fabric and loose fitting items will make the time on your flight much more comfortable. It can become cold during your flight, think layers! This makes it easy to adjust to the temperature of the cabin.

Neck pillows

Invest in a decent neck pillow! Your neck pillow will be your best friend when it comes to helping you sleep on your flight. How many times have you watched the person next to you wake up themselves up instantly when their head drops! Make sure your neck pillow is soft but firm to avoid a sore neck.

Pack the essentials

While most airlines allow a decent 7kg luggage allowance for your carry-on luggage, don’t think you have to utilise this. Carrying multiple items means less legroom under the seat in front of you. Pack just the essentials, toothbrush, toothpaste, spare socks, a couple of layers and whatever you need to entertain yourself during those hours awake.

Stay hydrated

Flying dehydrates you. Make sure to start drinking plenty of water the few days leading up to your flight, it is important to be well hydrated before you board your flight. If you find that your flight attendant is being a little stingy with the water, press your service button and ask for a big bottle of water. They will provide you with a decent size water bottle and you will not have to worry about when the next round of drinks will be.

Noise cancelling headphones (or earplugs)

Bring a pair with you! Noise cancelling headphones use microphones and some fancy processing to create an opposite sound wave than the one that’s headed for your eardrum. This inverse wave cancels the intruding sound wave. For example, while on a plane, the headphones send out an inverse wave to cancel the engine noise.


Studies have shown that a crowded airplane is no more germ-laden than other enclosed spaces – and usually less, but make sure to carry a small Dettol (or similar) hand sanitizer with you (under 100 ml so you can take it on the plane). Use this before and after meals, toilet breaks and to wipe over your entertainment system.

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